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Visual Studio 2010 has a completely different visual style on the child dialogs, the ones that you can move around and re-size within the program.

How would I create and implement custom styles for dialogs and controls in my own programs? Do I need to manually redraw them or is there some easier way to do it?

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Just a bit of FYI:

Visual studio 2010 is written in WPF: Blog regarding VS2010 and how it's built This pretty much means they had full control over the full look and feel of the IDE. There are lots of control packs that give you a similar look and feel and ability, from various companies, and indeed some free ones too.

I'd look on Codeplex for things related to WPF (controls, etc) and additionally, there are the commercial sites such as Telerik. There are plenty of other commercial ones too, just Google for them and you should find a good amount. I hope that helps point you in the right direction.

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Use Form.FormBorderStyle to set the style of the window border/header.

Set yourForm.FormBorderStyle = System.Windows.Forms.FormBorderStyle.SizableToolWindow; if you want the tool window style.

If you need the docking support too you might want to use a library like DockPanel Suite.

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