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I have a page in rails which modifies an ActiveRecord. Naturally, if the user reloads the page, we'll attempt to repeat the modification, which fails. I want to redirect the URL that the user will "reload" (using the browser "Reload current page" button). I want to reload using the same controller, same id, different action (not "update" but "edit") Thanks.

Added update method

  # PUT /machines/<uuid> - a catch-all path for machine and channel modifications

  def update

    puts "machines:update #{params.to_s}" if @@debug_machines
    @id = params[:id]
    @machine = Machine.find_by_uuid(@id)

    puts "machines:update #{@machine.to_s_full}" if @@debug_machines

    session[:machine_id] = @id

    if params[:delete_channel]
      first = params[:delete_channel].keys.first.to_i
      puts "machines:update delete_channel #{first.to_s}" if @@debug_machines
      last = @machine.last_light_index(first)
      if last
        last.downto(first) do |i|
        @machine.channels.delete(@machine.channels[first])if @machine.channels[first]

    elsif params[:delete_filter]
      i = params[:delete_filter].keys.first.to_i
      puts "machines:update delete_filter  #{i.to_s}" if @@debug_machines
      channel = @machine.channels[i]
      puts "machines:update delete_filter  #{channel.to_s}" if @@debug_machines
      @machine.channels.delete(channels) if channel

    elsif params[:add_filter]
      i = @machine.last_light_index(params[:add_filter].keys.first.to_i)
      puts "machines:update add_filter channel #{i.to_s}" if @@debug_machines
      light = @machine.channels[i].light
      puts "machines:update add_filter light #{light.to_s}" if @@debug_machines
      @machine.channels.insert(i + 1, => light))

    elsif params[:commit]

... lots more similar stuff here ...


    puts "machines:update after update #{@machine.to_s_full}" if @@debug_machines

    render :action => :edit
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Just for clarification, can your post your Controller#update method? – Deradon Apr 13 '12 at 20:23

It's as simple as

redirect_to :action => :edit
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The action already redirects to :action => edit, so I don't understand the answer. – deeeptext Apr 13 '12 at 22:11
It does not redirect to action :edit, it just renders its view. These are two different things. – Sergio Tulentsev Apr 13 '12 at 22:13

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