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With Propel ORM (1.6.5), when I joinWith() a table "A" to table "B" and then later call toArray() on the result PropelObjectCollection, the entry for B in each A record contains all the records for A again (see dump below).

A is LEFT JOINd to B. Each record in A points to exactly one in B. Code I am using:

$oAQuery = AQuery::create()
  ->joinB('b', Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
          ->filterByBField1(str_replace(' ', '%', $sCity))

$oCollection = $oAQuery->find();
$aArray = $oAQuery->toArray();

toArray() dump:

    [0] => Array
            [Field1] => 29
            [Field2] => 0
            [B] => Array
                    [BField1] => 7
                    [BField2] => 10
                    [As] => Array
                            [A_0] => *RECURSION*
                            [A_1] => Array
                                    [Field1] = 234
                                    [Field2] = 3424

I want to stop this, primarily, because there are many records and with the recursion I easily go over a 512m memory_limit for PHP (i even did 2048m for a test, still went over)

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You can write your own formatter, so that you can decide what to do with the result set:

Using a custom formatter requires an extra method call:

$aArray = $oAQuery->setFormatter('MyCustomFormatter')->find();
// instead of $aArray = $oAQuery->toArray();
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