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Is there a way to configure tab spaces for Eclipse Compare/Merge editor?

I have the Text Editor to use 2 spaces for tab and "Insert spaces for tabs" but this doesn't seem to take effect in the Compare/Merge editor. It's quite annoying since it's occasionally messing up the indentation in the source code. I guess my other option is to use an external tool but it would be great if this can be configured within Eclipse.

I'm using Indigo SR2 (64-bit)

-- This appears to be a related Eclipse bug:

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You can choose to ignore whitespaces in the compare editor. Either you right click in the editor and choose Ignore White Space or you set this in eclipses preferences Window -> Preferences -> General -> Compare/Patch -> Ignore White Space

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Thanks, I know I can ignore whitespaces. Sometimes, one of the developer actually edits when in Compare/Merge editor and it really messes up the indentation since there is no way to change tab spacing. – blissfool Apr 26 '12 at 14:03

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