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I am following Ray Camdens post on ajax calls in coldfusion. I have the whole page wrapped with jquerymobile and themeroller. If I put the content on the main page, its styled properly, but if I use ajax to return the content, its unstyled.


I have tried including jquery and jquerymobile scripts in the ajax page, but then I end up getting weird loops and double submit buttons. In firebug I can see that it loads the js files in the ajax return. I also loose my focus on the submit button which is a big deal in this particular app.

Styled and odd

Is there a way to only have the jquery a jquery mobile js files linked in the main page and then have the styling refresh after the ajax content is loaded? or will i run into a FOUC?

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Fixed. used $("#result").html(data).trigger("create"); as mentioned in the comments on this page –  Brian Apr 13 '12 at 21:16
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Fixed. used $("#result").html(data).trigger("create"); as mentioned in the comments on this page

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