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I am using CSS3 to create CSS animations. I am rotating an image using rotateX. I would like to mark the position of the origin somehow so i can see exactly where the rotation point is.

How can I mark the position of -webkit-transform-origin? I am open to any solutions, CSS or JavaScript.

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In the version of chrome I'm using (version 18), the -webkit-transformation-origin of any element is always initially the center of the element, relative to that element, where both coordinates are floored. So if

is an empty string, then it would be

Math.floor(element.width/2) + "px " + Math.floor(element.height/2) + " px".

If it isn't an empty string, then it will be in that format, [x]px [y]px with a space inbetween the two coordinates. You can extract the values with a regular expression if need be, like in your case, and since the value is relative to the element, you're going to have to get the absolute position of the element on the page and add the origin to that to get the absolute position of your origin.

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Does this solution actually place a physical marker at the point of origin so I can visually see the center point? – zeckdude Apr 16 '12 at 17:35
You made a typo in your answer, use : Notice that for Chrome (05/14), the unprefixed version (transformOrigin) is there, but is undefined and has no effect. – GameAlchemist May 23 '14 at 7:46

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