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I want to get the get the contents of a div that's inside another div and put them in a list, to send it to the database after that. I loop around the div and get all it's contents but all what it just returns the content of the first item of the loop.

The Div looks like this:

     $('#Classes').append('<div> <h1 class = "flip" wpID="' + subjects[i].Wkp_ID+ '</h1><div id ="NewBody" class="panel" contenteditable>' + subjects[i].Wkp_Body + '</div> </div>');

I use these lines to get the content:

     $('#Classes div').each(function (index) {
        var header = $(this).children('h1');
        var wpID = header.attr('wpID');
        var WeekBody = document.getElementById("NewBody");
        var Weekbodycontent = WeekBody.innerHTML;

   WeekPlan[index] = {"Wkp_Body": WeekBody};

So , do you know how can I add all the items to the list one by one ?


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You have several issues. First off, you can't have the same ID present in more than one object in your document. You need to change that.

Then, I would suggest this type of solution using a class on the desired .panel div:

$('#Classes').append('<div class="container"><div class="panel" contenteditable>' + 
    subjects[i].Wkp_Body + '</div> </div>');

$('#Classes .container').each(function (index) {
    var header = $(this).children('h1');
    var body = $(this).find(".panel");
    var Weekbodycontent = body.html();
    WeekPlan[index] = {"Wkp_Body": body.get(0)};
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Ok this would be great, but there is a problem, before the second div I have a header that has some attributes which I use at my code too ... This is what it looks like: –  OnlyHope Apr 13 '12 at 21:44
$('#Classes').append('<div> <h1 class = "flip" wpID="' + subjects[i].Wkp_ID + '" lessonID="' + subjects[i].Ttb_lessonID + '" Date="' + Datecoming + '">' + subjects[i].sbj_Name + " Class:" + subjects[i].Ttb_Class + '</h1><div class="panel" contenteditable>' + subjects[i].Wkp_Body + '</div> </div>'); –  OnlyHope Apr 13 '12 at 21:45
If you want precise help show us your actual HTML. I can only go by the HTML you've disclosed. And, please don't put multi-line code into comments (as it's unreadable). If you need to add multi-line code, add it to your question using the edit link and then add a comment directing people to the new part of your question. –  jfriend00 Apr 13 '12 at 22:27
@OnlyHope - OK, I've edited my answer to try to match the HTML I think you're using. –  jfriend00 Apr 13 '12 at 22:30
Here is the html: jsfiddle.net/OnlyHope/kpDws –  OnlyHope Apr 13 '12 at 22:42

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