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I've found out how to convert a Stata datetime format from milliseconds since Jan 1960 in R from a related question (see below):

as.POSIXct(874022400000/1000, origin="1960-01-01")

I am looking to do the opposite in R: i.e. given a datetime expressed as a character string, find out how to return the datetime value as milliseconds since 01 Jan 1960 00:00:00. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Use as.numeric to coerce the date-time back into seconds since the epoch. Since R uses 1970 as its origin, you have to additionally account for the 1960-1970 offset. Lastly, of course, take care of the seconds to milliseconds conversion.

> mydate = as.POSIXct(874022400000/1000, origin="1960-01-01")
> 1000 * (as.numeric(mydate) - as.numeric(as.POSIXct('1960-01-01')))
[1] 874022400000
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