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So I am trying to convert this razor syntax in a .cshtml view into a helper extension in .cs. There is an awesome post on this by Darin here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/8187441/1026459. However, I am having some issues getting it to work.

This is the plain markup

@using (Html.BeginForm("Restore", "GlobalCrud"))
 @Html.Hidden("entityId", "Id")
 <input class="ui-icon ui-icon-power" type="submit" 
  onclick="return confirm('Clicking OK will restore this record');" 

This is the extention

public static MvcHtmlString EditOrDelete(this HtmlHelper html)
  var s = html.BeginForm();
  return MvcHtmlString.Create(s + " additional fields " + "</form>");

This is the use:

@using namespace.CustomHelper

This is the output:

<form method="post" action="/Completed/Manage">
System.Web.Mvc.Html.MvcForm additional fields 

The helper extention for the most part produces what I need. However, I am uncertain how I should be converting this back to a proper html string. The return includes System.Web.Mvc.Html.MvcForm in the text. I am adding " additional fields " for brevity here because there is no issue there. The addition of </form> is there because I know that the normal using statement that goes with @Html.BeginForm() adds the </form> tag when it disposes.

How can I properly return the form generated by .BeginForm?

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public static class HtmlExtensions
    public static void EditOrDelete(this HtmlHelper html)
        using (html.BeginForm())
            html.ViewContext.Writer.Write("additional fields");

and then:

@using namespace.CustomHelper


<form action="/" method="post">additional fields</form>
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Thanks Darin! Epic :) I was having issues with actually managing to get anything to appear inside the form with the using statement so changing it void seemed only natural. What I was missing was the ViewContext writer. – Travis J Apr 13 '12 at 22:01
+1 love it, simple and works! I can now auto insert the AntiForgeryToken with my own form helper – Darren Nov 2 '12 at 10:47

Calling BeginForm renders the form tag, so you don't need to do anything except call that method.

public static MvcHtmlString EditOrDelete(this HtmlHelper html)
        return MvcHtmlString.Create(" additional fields ");

The using statement will cause .Dispose() to be called prior to the method returing, causing the string to written after the closing form tag. Write the string to the response using html.ViewContext.Writer.Write instead. (see Darin Dimitrov's answer)

wrapping the call in a using will automatically cause the ending form tag to be rendered as well, when Dispose is called.

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This won't work. The additional fields will be emitted outside the form in the final markup. – Darin Dimitrov Apr 13 '12 at 21:54
You're right. The using statement is executing .Dispose() before returning from the method. – Kyle Trauberman Apr 13 '12 at 22:01

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