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How to automatically set optimal frame width of Emacs?

When open a file with Emacs from command line, how to let it automatically set the frame size such that

  • width is 2 characters wider than the widest row or the computer screen width, which ever is smaller

  • height is 80 rows, or the computer screen height, which ever is smaller?

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800 rows? how big is your monitor? – event_jr Apr 13 '12 at 23:23

You can use a find-file-hook which sets your frame's size. You'll need things like display-width and display-height, and you'll need to loop through the whole file computing the width of each line (using forward-line to move to the next line, end-of-line to go the end of the line and current-column to find the width). And you'll probably need to fiddle with off-by-one details in order to account for things like the menu-bar, the fringes, ...

Me? I prefer to declare that files should not go over 80 columns so I don't need to adjust the frame width.

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This is just what libraries fit-frame.el and autofit-frame.el are for. See also

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