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Hi there I am complete newbie to JPA. I am trying to select a particular set of records using one column as the criteria. My entity code was auto generated based on the table structure as follows:

create table TEST.COMPUTERS(
       "COLUMN1" VARCHAR2(6) not null,
       "COLUMN2" VARCHAR2(10) not null,
       "COLUMN3" VARCHAR2(5) not null,
       "COLUMN4" VARCHAR2(8) not null,
       "COLUMN5" VARCHAR2(48),
        constraint "PK" primary key ("COLUMN1","COLUMN2")

Contructor Code for Entiry Class:

@Table(name = "COMPUTERS", schema = "TEST") 
public class Computers implements {

 /** full constructor */
        public Computers(ComputersId id, String column3, String column4,
                String column5) {
   = id;
            this.column3 = column3;
            this.column4 = column4;
            this.column5 = column5;

          public ComputersId getId() {

      public void setId(ComputersId id) { = id;
        // and then ....getter and setter methods for Column 3-5

I then do the following:

Query query  =   EntityManagerHelper.getEntityManager().createQuery("SELECT s from Computers s where s.column1 = :column1").setParameter("column1", "SONY LAPTOPS");

Upon running the above I get the following error:

An error occurred while parsing the query filter "SELECT s from Computers where s.column1 = :column1". Error message: No field named "column1" in class "class Computers".

Any pointers on this please ? Many thanks..

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jpa 1.2 ? whats that? – DataNucleus Apr 14 '12 at 8:04
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Since the Column1 is part of the embededId you have to go through the id field:

Query query  =   EntityManagerHelper.getEntityManager().createQuery("SELECT s from Computers s where = :column1").setParameter("column1", "SONY LAPTOPS");

PS: Your columns seem to have rather poorly chosen names..? Perhaps you should give them some more descriptive names?

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Thanks a million!! Barsju solved the problem, and yes I will be recreating the table using proper column names.... – stack Apr 14 '12 at 0:11

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