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RDFa in XHTML is a w3c standard. Microdata is mentioned as a HTML 5 API. My questions are:

  1. Is microdata also a w3c standard? If yes, why we need 2 similar standards?

  2. People say using microdata is simpler than RDFa. Except for this, what are the main differences between these two?

Thank you in advance Manoj

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  1. Yes, Microdata is also a W3C standard: HTML Microdata. There are two standards because RDFa was designed to address the requirements of the RDF community, and the WHATWG HTML5 editor found the living RDFa spec too advanced, so designed his own thing.

  2. This is a very subjective question, but I'd say the advantages of RDFa are: it makes it easier to combine multiple vocabularies/schemas, it has better support for datatypes and the like, and is compatible with all the other RDF-based standards in case you care about that. The advantage of Microdata is that it's simpler to grasp for HTML authors. Here's a big comparison of both formats (done by and RDFa guy, so perhaps a bit biased).

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Just want to note that Microdata is a proposed standard while RDFa and RDFa-lite are standards (at the time this question was asked). –  Jerven Aug 26 '13 at 7:08

If any vocab other than schema.org is used with microdata, then the use of RDFa prefix attribute needs to be surrendered for recognition by search engine makers structured data testing parser tools. Existing semantic web linked data processors will completely ignore use of domain/OWL specific vocabularies used in conjunction with microdata. schema.org vocabulary is mash-up derived through them for cross-cutting "search" concern for greater convenience at delivering spam filled user experience in organic results for queries lacking domain-expert level conciseness with reference to particular domain and practically useless without microdata syntax. It can do tricks like allowing showing 5star product rating by more people than how many participate in national elections.

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