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Not sure what the issue is here, but I have a basic line in my routes.rb:

resource :videos

But I don't see all the paths. Namely:

GET /videos/:id

I only see the following when running "rake routes":

videos      POST   /videos(.:format)              videos#create
new_videos  GET    /videos/new(.:format)          videos#new
edit_videos GET    /videos/edit(.:format)         videos#edit
            GET    /videos(.:format)              videos#show
            PUT    /videos(.:format)              videos#update
            DELETE /videos(.:format)              videos#destroy

What am I missing? Thanks!

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You make videos a singular resource, but videos is a collection so you have to do :

resources :videos


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Change your line to resources :videos, and the missing route will magically appear

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Ahh, I see. It's in the rails docs -- it's just really easy to glance over that extra "s". Thanks! –  user1328114 Apr 13 '12 at 23:40

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