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Even though i understand the concept of json object , I still do not understand how to implement json in a simple java program. Can you please give me an example where the user input is used as a part of the json object that has to be put into the i/o streams.

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Your question is not clear. However, maybe looking into how some existing libraries work will help you understand. For example: – elevine Apr 14 '12 at 2:29

Using JSON with Java can be as easy as serializing an object as long as you have the right jars on your classpath. Check out the Jackson JSON parser to start off with.

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I didn't understand yet what do you want, this is what I still not clearly about:

  1. From what you get the JSON data? Is it HTTP request from another language or same language (Java)
  2. What format do you want to parse? Same JSON format or to become Java model format or XML?
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JSON is capable of describing a lot of things, such as lists and associative arrays. Perhaps the syntax at

will give some ideas. If the question is about string processing to produce the JSON syntax, then perhaps you could supply a more specific question to lead some specific string processing examples.

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