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IplImage *IplImg;

Mat ImgMat(IplImg);

imshow( "Mat", ImgMat);

In OpenCV, as above, I can convert an IplImage object to Mat object and use this new IplImage object with imshow function.

Mat ImgMat;

IplImage IplImg(ImgMat); //no error


cvShowImage("Ipl",IplImg); // throws an error

But when it comes to converting a Mat object to IplImage object and using this new object with cvShowImage function, compiler gives an error : " No suitable conversion function from "IplImage" to "const CvArr *"

Can you please help me to figure out why this simple operation doesn't work with cvShowImage ?

Thanks in advance.

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cvShowImage expects a pointer to an IplImage

cvShowImage("Ipl",&IplImg); // should not throw
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I overlooked that. Thanks, it worked. –  Horizon1710 Apr 14 '12 at 12:57

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