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How would you go about creating a restful web service using Meteor. I would like to create apps in Appcelerator that hook into the same backend.

Can Meteor solve this problem?

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Now, yes. Please see the other two answers for this question (@Masonoise's one is now obsolete). –  Dan Dascalescu Nov 14 '12 at 19:47

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I suppose you probably could create a RESTful service using Meteor, but it's not really what the framework is intended for -- one of the main benefits of Meteor is tight interaction between the client and the server, and a web service doesn't have a client side. I'd recommend looking into either writing a web service back end in node.js on its own or something like https://github.com/intridea/grape if you like Ruby.

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Meteor's intended for this. It's just not written yet :) It's quite natural to map queries and mutations on a Meteor.Collection to a REST endpoint that clients written in any technology can call. –  debergalis Apr 14 '12 at 22:09
Awesome. Any idea when this functionality is coming? :) –  Andrew Zielinski Apr 14 '12 at 23:28
Agreed, this is great to hear, and it does make a lot of sense. It's obviously pretty natural to build an API layer where only one use is for the web UI, but the close tie between UI and server seems to be Meteor's sweet spot right now. Looking forward to seeing the evolution. –  Masonoise Apr 16 '12 at 3:08

I originally answered this question here, but to recap:

For adding RESTful methods on top of your data, look into the Collection API written for Meteor:


As for authentication for accessing the database, take a look at this project:


Both are definitely infantile in development, but you can create a RESTful API and integrate it with a mobile native client pretty easily.

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Meteor supports auth natively now; any chance to edit your answer? –  Dan Dascalescu Nov 12 '12 at 10:26

Anyone stumbling across this now (2013+), checkout the Meteor Router smart package, which provides methods for server side routing useful in creating RESTful interfaces.

Meteor.Router.add('/404', [404, "There's nothing here!"]);

To assist you in future searches, be sure to take a look at https://atmosphere.meteor.com - a smart package repository. And Meteorite is a pretty handy CLI tool for version and package management.

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I did a full write-on on this in Meteorpedia:


The post reviews all 6 options for creating REST interfaces, from highest level (e.g. smart packages that handle everything for you) to lowest level (e.g. writing your own connectHandler).

Additionally the post covers when using a REST interface is the right or wrong thing to do in Meteor, references Meteor REST testing tools, and explains common pitfalls like CORS security issues.

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Yes, you can expose REST endpoints with Meteor using the private API. The functionality will become public soon, but in the meantime, see Can I mount another route handler through __meteor_bootstrap__.app?.

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I thought I would update the conversation for 2014. I still haven’t found the perfect way to implement REST services in Meteor and I’m hoping someone can point me in another direction to investigate. I’ve tested 3 projects and each have their drawbacks:

meteor-router I worked with meteor-router but the github page says it will only be fixing bugs going forward and to use Iron Router on all new projects. I’m still considering using this since if it works for me as-is then upgrades aren’t necessary except for some type of authentication.

iron-router I have a simple example service built using Iron Router but it appears to support REST services even less than meteor-router and causes the server to crash if someone posts invalid json to rest endpoint.

meteor-collectionapi Exposes a REST api for basic CRUD operations are support but it doesn’t appear to support queries other than by id.

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The most elegant solution appears to be HTTP.publish. Rather than invent a new API like the others, it simply adds the HTTP protocol to the existing Meteor publish interface. This means, for example, that Meteor.allow and Meteor.deny work automatically for HTTP as well as DDP.


If handed a collection and a publish function the HTTP.publish will mount on the following URLs and methods:

GET - /api/list - all published data
POST - /api/list - insert a document into collection
GET - /api/list/:id - find one published document
PUT - /api/list/:id - update a document
DELETE - /api/list/:id - remove a document

myCollection = new Meteor.Collection('list');

// Add access points for `GET`, `POST`, `PUT`, `DELETE`
HTTP.publish(myCollection, function(data) {
  // this.userId, this.query, this.params
  return myCollection.find({});

It does not yet handle authentication completely.

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