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In a view, string is escaped by default.

mystring = "A&B: <b>some string here</b>" 

mystring is rendered as:

A&amp;B: &lt;b&gt;some string here&lt;/b&gt;

However, I need to have <b></b> tag rendered and ampersand escaped.

A&amp;B: <b>some string here</b>

html_safe unescapes both ampersand and <b> tag. Is there a way to escape special characters like ampersand but not html tags?

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Why do you want to escape one, but not the other? – Sergio Tulentsev Apr 14 '12 at 4:16
I have this special case where a snippet of html is returned from model and need to ensure special characters are escaped, not html tags. – Grnbeagle Apr 14 '12 at 4:53
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You can unescape specific elements using the Ruby's CGI::unescapeElement method. In your case, you would want to use the following:

mystring = CGI::escape_html("A&B: <b>some string here</b>")

# You can replace ["B"] with an array of tags to be escaped, i.e. ["B", "A", "IMG"]
mystring = CGI::unescapeElement(mystring, ["B"]) 

<%= mystring.html_safe %>

See for more escaping methods.

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That worked for me. Thanks @Dan! – Grnbeagle Apr 14 '12 at 4:54
Cheers! Be careful of the alias CGI::unescape_element as it only takes one argument and does not allow you to provide necessary tags. – Dan Apr 14 '12 at 5:06
Gotcha. I'll make a note of it. Thanks! – Grnbeagle Apr 14 '12 at 5:11
It looks clean, but I don't recommend this, as it unescapes the whole attribute. The string <b onclick="location.href=''" style="position:absolute;left:-2000px;right:-2000px;top:-2000px;bottom:-2000px">‌​Hello friends!</b> slips right into your page using this method. – Elliot Nelson Jul 20 '13 at 17:20

You can split string on parts, then unescape some you want

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