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I have seen some similar questions here, but the answers dont solve my problem.

I want to draw a graph. I write some code like this:

digraph {
  {rank = same a b c d e f }
  a -> b -> c -> d -> e -> f
  a -> f
  b -> d -> f
  b -> f

but the result is that some of the edges overlapped each other.

So my question is how can I fix the edge to make it not overlap and I also wanna know how can I give the node a fixed position? There is no problem this graph. But some times when I wanna a graph with a sequence of

a b c d e f 

but when i create some edges and the sequence will change like:

a->e b c d f
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You can use the attribute pos of a node or edge to specify coordinates. To see where dot places your nodes and edges you can simply run dot myinputfile.dot without any output parameter. This will produce the dot file with added coordinates (among other additions).
Based on this you can force dot to place some or all nodes at certain coordinates.

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Wow. I was about to post a very similar question after struggling with this issue for hours, and I came across this gem of an answer (with no upvotes? come on now...). You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. –  Sam Grondahl Sep 19 '12 at 17:15

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