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I'm trying to use JQuery hide() & slideDown() function to hide/display my google map. Everything works perfect for the map except after the slide down animation, the map is not well displayed. Here's my code:


(I used show() in this case, but it should work the same as slideDown()). The map comes out like this: ...sh*t, I'm not qualified to upload images... well, the map is just partially displayed, with other map area in gray color.

The strange thing is, when I try to "inspect element", the map just goes back to normal. I've tried on Firefox and Chrome, same issue.

I also have another small issue. Chrome doesn't seem to work well with geolocation. I tried geolocation on all major browsers, only Chrome gives me a wrong place.

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Trigger the resize-event of the map inside the callback of show()

To help with the other issue we need more informations.

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