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I have developed a restaurant menu app for samsung galaxy tab 8.9 .I want to send all ordered details to micros pos eg item name,table name qty ordered , item price to pos .I have deeveloped this application using flash builder 4.6 ie used flex 4.6 and actionscript as technologies .So how do i integrate my application with micros pos to send all data ordered to it with micros pos??

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Easy : you need a server and an application on that server , did you develop it too ? then it should not be hard to send your datas via http/https back to your server from your app. Your flash app is only a client app , like the app on the samsung , they are clients , you need a server app.

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Thank @camus for the reply. is this the api serverapi:api port/api data/application name/modifier list.camus can you just give any link which will be very useful for me to develop server app to pass all ordered data. – francis dcunha Apr 14 '12 at 8:05
depends on what kind off technology you are using on the server .php , java , .net ? then you need to choose a protocol , xml-rpc ? amf ? soap ? rest ? – mpm Apr 14 '12 at 8:15
Thanks once again camus will use either php or java and xml-rpc. please any link or tutorila which will guide me for the developement of the server app .please help – francis dcunha Apr 14 '12 at 9:36

MICROS will allow you to integrate, but you generally have to pay the price of admission. They even tell you on their site that it starts at $15,000. This fee, like everything in business, is based on your benefit to them and is negotiable based on what you bring to the table.

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