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I'mma making a multiplayer game with a node.js server with socket.io and a html5 canvas with a js file in it for client.

Now I have the socket.on('disconnect',function(){my code here}); on serverside, but when a user closes the tab the client is running in it doesn't trigger any disconnect event in the server, but I need the server to notice when a user closes the tab.

How can I make the client trigger the event correctly when one closes the tab it's running in?

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I don't think, that it's possible. So I would suggest to have a timeout for each socket connection on the server to close it automatically. On the client side, you could send a "ping" to keep the connection open, when nothing happens. ;) How about that?

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I'll try that thanks. ^^ –  Wingblade Apr 15 '12 at 8:50

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