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I am using OrientDb and want to run Gremlin commands through PHP. Does anybody know if there are any bridges or products that can connect the 2 languages?

Whilst I am aware of OrientDB-PHP and the OrientDB-REST packages, neither allow execution of Gremlin commands.

Alternatively, where would be the best place to start learning about how to write and implement such a piece of script?

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There is a project working on abstracting out the ODB (and other graph databases) SQL (and Gremlin too).

It is called Spider.

It is still in alpha and there is a good bit of work to do, but if anything, it should help you later with running queries over a number of graph databases (not just ODB). It should also allow direct querying of Gremlin too.

Please follow the repo and even give some feedback.


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Using the REST protocol send a HTTP POST to this URL:


With this content: g.V

For more information look at

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