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I'm trying to perform a bubble sort operation for an array of strings for my Assembly Class. The strings are stored in an array of string pointers, which works perfectly fine now, after much frustration. Now, I'm faced with a new problem, the sorting itself...

Done it before in my C++ class, but wow, Assembly is a beast of its own. I'm so confused.

Anyway, here is my code:


INCLUDE io.h            ; header file for input/output

.STACK 4096

myStrings       byte    "fabc dui.",0
                byte    "abcdfe.",0
                byte    "efghi.",0
                byte    0

myStrArr        dword   20 DUP (?) ;array that will point to myStrings
strInc          dword   0       

labelPrint      byte    "The output is: ",0
stringOut       dword   ?

_MainProc PROC

            mov     edi, offset myStrings
            mov     esi, offset myStrArr

;This subroutine will transfer the strings into an array for dwords


            cmp     byte ptr [edi], 0
            jz      OL
            mov     dword ptr [esi], edi
            add     esi, 4
            inc     strInc
            xor     ecx, ecx
            not     ecx
            xor     al, al
            repne   scasb
            jmp     L1

            xor     ebx, ebx

;This shall run once transfer is done


            xor     edx, edx
            mov     ebx, offset myStrArr        ;ebx -> myStrArr
            mov     esi, [ebx]                  ;esi -> [ebx] -> myStrArr[i]
            mov     edi, [ebx+4]                ;edi -> [ebx+4] -> myStrArr[i+1]    
            mov     ecx, strInc
            dec     ecx                         

                                                ;PROF'S TIP:  mov ebx, offset myStrArr
                                                ;             mov esi, [ebx]
                                                ;             mov edi, [ebx+4]

            cmp     edi, esi                    ;compares the first character of the two strings
            jbe                                 ;jumps to NC if there's no change
            mov     dl, 1                       ;set direction flags
            mov     edi, [ebx]                  ;swaps it around
            mov     esi, [ebx+4]                    


            mov     [ebx], edi                  ;point to next value
            add     esi, 4                      ;point to next value
            loop    IL
            or      dl, dl
            jnz     OL

                                                ;IN CASE OF ME GETTING SOMETHING RIGHT, ERASE COMMENTS
                                                ; mov       ebx, dword ptr [edi]
                                                ; output    labelPrint, dword ptr [ebx]

                                                ; mov       esi, dword ptr [edi]
                                                ; output  labelPrint, dword ptr [esi]
                                                ; add       esi, 4
                                                ; mov       esi, dword ptr [edi]
                                                ; output  labelPrint, dword ptr [esi]   

            mov     eax, 0                      ; exit with return code 0
_MainProc ENDP

END                                                ; end of source code

It seems like I'm doing a Bubble Sort using an array of string pointers, but I think I'm way over my heard here. A little guidance on what to do with this would be much appreciated!

Thanks to all in advance!

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what's your question? hint: do some unit testing: does your string comparison work? does bubblesort work with 3 elements? have you tried to debug it? –  Karoly Horvath Apr 14 '12 at 8:40
Thanks for helping out! There are actually more than 3 elements on the assignment we got, I just put three for now just to play around. I've re-written the sorting code before I posted here actually, since it was going on an infinite loop. The sorting code you see now is actually a hint from my professor. Sadly, I still don't understand what he meant by having the address of the array point into ebx, and then using pointers to point to esi and edi. Where would sorted elements go after the compare instruction? Bah... –  Joe Mango Apr 14 '12 at 10:02

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