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Hi I have embedded documents but i can't query them by id. I can output all with inspect and there are the right ids but querying them is not possible. I have a Course Model which embeds_many :course_members and a CourseMember Model with embedded_in :course, :inverse_of => :course_members

I tried this without any success:

puts Course.where("course_members.id" => params[:id])

With this code i can reach the rigth document:

c = Course.where("course_members.accepted" => 2).all
c.each do |l|
 l.course_members.each do |f|
  puts f.inspect

But how can i get my data with one Mongoid query?

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I guess

puts Course.where("course_members._id" => BSON::ObjectId(params[:id]))

The real id argument in MongoDB is _id, the function .id in mongoid is just a convenient wrapper.

Edit: You also have to convert your string params[:id] to a correct BSON ID.

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Course.where("course_members._id" => BSON::ObjectId.from_string(params[:id]) ) –  user934801 Apr 14 '12 at 17:47

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