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I am using perl and regular expression to find an ORF (open reading frame) with a minimal size of 45 bases using. Basically it means: Find a substring a string that is composed ONLY of the letters ATGC (no spaces or new lines) that:

  1. Starts with "ATG"
  2. ends with "TAG" or "TAA" or "TGA",
  3. is at least 39 chars long
  4. is dividable by 3

My first code was:

if($CDSString =~ m/(ATG.{45,}(TAG|TAA|TGA))/) 
    my $CDSCurrent = $1;
    if ((length($CDSCurrent) % 3) == 0)
        # do something

which works fine, but I thought there might be a better way. So I tried:

if ($CDSString =~ m/ATG(...){13,}(TAG|TAA|TGA)/ )
    # do something

but for some reason it doesn't match the string above it, and I can't figure out why. Can anyone figure it out? Thank you in advance.

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works fine for me –  Martin DeMello Apr 14 '12 at 10:54
it seems to be working for me now. weird. could have sworn it didn't work before. thanks for all your help –  moragos Apr 16 '12 at 12:17

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Your regex is not making sure that everything between the start and stop codons is in fact composed of the letters ATGC only. You should be using:

if ($CDSString =~ m/ATG(?:[ATGC]{3}){13,}(?:TAG|TAA|TGA)/i) {...}

(But your original regex works, too, it just won't reject invalid matches. So there may be another problem somewhere else.)

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thanks for the improvment, i did not think about handling non-ATGC chars! i have no idea why it works for me now and not before. –  moragos Apr 16 '12 at 13:31

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