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I am newish to Rails and i am facing a prblem. I have


id: integer
account_id: integer

id: integer

I have a validation in the Model1 as follows,

Model Code:

validates :account_id, :inclusion => { :in => Account.find(:all).collect(&:id)}

I use a dropdown for View Code:

<%= :account_id, @accounts.collect {|acc| [,]}, {:prompt => 'Select Account' }, { :selected => @defaultaccount, :class => 'selectwidth' } %>

I am using client side validations to validate the fields before submitting the form. I am using Heroku to deploy my app.

I create an account first and then from the form i try to create a new model1. The drop down is populated with all the accounts that i have. Then i select an account that i created from the dropdown, the client side validations comes into effect and says "is not valid" which is the error message for validates_inclusion_of as if the account never exists. Not sure what ishappening and i checked the database and the account is created which is why the dropdown is loaded with accounts in the first place.

I change the validates_inclusion_of to rails 3 validates :account_id, :inclusion => { :in => {} } syntax and redeploy. Now i try to select that account in the new model1 form, The drop down does not show an error for the account that was previously created.

So then i created a new account and tried to create a new model1 for the new account the validation failure resurfaces.

So its like a cache issue ? Is it a client side validations issue ? I did everything i can to try and find what the issues is but i am out of ideas on what is happening.

So everytime i create an account it expects me redeploy which kills what the application does. How do i get rid of this problem ? Not really sure what is happening.

Config, Rails 3 Deployed in Heroku uses Asset pipeline

Gems: Client Side Validations Kaminari

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It's not working as you want because the :in => Account.find(:all).collect(&:id) it's evaluated just one time in production mode, when Rails loads the class. I confess I don't understand the reason behind such a validation. Anyway, you have to use a custom validator if you really want to achieve that.

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I have not given the entire logic of the validation query just for simplicity :) Well thanks for the heads up about the evaluation. – Baaju Apr 14 '12 at 11:00
Ah OK. The evaluation problem with validations and scopes is something that can drive you mad sometimes :) – lucapette Apr 14 '12 at 11:02

Currently, the statement gets executed once the server is started (as you correctly realized). You'll need to wrap it in a lambda, so it gets executed everytime the validation is done.

1.8.7 Syntax:

validates :account_id, :inclusion => { :in => lambda {Account.find(:all).collect(&:id)}}

1.9.2 Syntax:

validates :account_id, :inclusion => { :in => ->{Account.find(:all).collect(&:id)]}
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Yeah right. I forgot to mention that it's possible to use a proc or a lamba. – lucapette Apr 14 '12 at 10:59

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