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I have a requirement to show numeric values in a client side report with decimal places only if those decimal places are used. The source data is a Decimal data type populated from an SQL money column.

For example:

  • 28.0000 is to be shown as "28"
  • 2.5000 is to be shown as "2.5"
  • 2.5500 is to be shown as "2.55"

I cannot find a formatting option to do this. The nearest I have gotten in "#,###.####", but this still shows the decimal point even when there is nothing after it.

Suggestions please.

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Let's say that your data field is UnitPrice, then you can apply an expression on the format of the text box ( right click ===> text box properties => Number => Custom => press on fx) showing the value for the field like this one.

=IIF( Floor(Fields!UnitPrice.Value) = Fields!UnitPrice.Value,"#,0;(#,0)",
IIF(Floor(Fields!UnitPrice.Value * 10) = Fields!UnitPrice.Value * 10,"#,0.0;(#,0.0)","#,0.00;(#,0.00)")

Hope this help.

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Exactly what I wanted. Thanks. –  Martin Robins Apr 14 '12 at 13:23

Lets take an example as Amount is your field

In the expression screen just add this following line.

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