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I would like to know how if there is any way to automatically generate a database administration site for a Spring + JPA project. It should take the annotated JPA entities and dynamically generate the site to keep track of any change in the domain Java classes.

I am looking for something similar to the Django admin site (I think you can also do the same with Ruby on Rails), that allows the user:

  • to see and update the data in the different tables without developing any extra code
  • to handle relations between tables, different kind of data (numbers, dates, etc)

In the Java world I am only aware of Spring Roo, but it does not fit well my needs because I want to integrate it into an already developed third party project.

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Try Play! Framework's CRUD Module

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It would be great to see that solution integrated as part of Spring MVC + Spring Data, to avoid the need to develop an extra application with a different framework. –  Guido García Jun 3 '12 at 11:08

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