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I want to install the apk file programatically in my application for that i write the code as follows

        f=new File("l.o.p-1.apk");
        Intent i=new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_VIEW);

but it doesn't worked and a alert dialog was displayed with the message parse error :problem parsing the package why i get this error please help me thanks in advance

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Try to upload the same APK from google site and check it will work or not, if it shows the same error that means something wrong in your apk

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You can try to install it using the command and check if you get errors:

adb install [your.apk]

Also check the location of the apk file if is valid. (I think it should be on the sdcard of the phone.. I am not sure though..)

Hope this helps!

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Check the location you are installing from.

e.g When I downloaded an apk to my Cache folder, I got a parse error when installing but downloading it to my External Cache folder allowed the installation to proceed normally.

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