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I have a TCP server in my android application. The server starts running immediately. With one button click, i want to stop the server and with another one, restart the server again.

My server is like this:

serverSocket = new ServerSocket(1292);
while (true) {
 Socket client = serverSocket.accept();            
 ServersClient s = new ServersClient(client);
 Thread clientThread = new Thread(s);

I successfully handle closing with this code:


After this code, no clients can connect.

What should i do to restart it now?

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ServerSocket listens for new connections.

Socket is the connection instance that serverSocket.accept() returns.

You want to close the Socket instance to close connection with a particular client. Closing ServerSocket will unbind the application from the port.

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Oh yes thank you very much. I closed the socket instead of ServerSocked and it worked! –  Hüseyin Zeki Apr 14 '12 at 13:33

A ServerSocket can not be opened again after it has been closed. Therefore you just execute your first code snippet again, starting with the creation of a new ServerSocket instance.

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