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How do I get an element or elementlist by it's tag name. Take for example that I want all elements from <h1></h1>

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document.getElementsByTagName('a') returns an array. Look here for more information:

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document.getElementsByTagName returns a NodeList, similar in many ways to an Array but not an Array. Maybe the term collection should be used as opposed to array. – Russ Cam Apr 10 '11 at 15:24

Use $$() and pass in a CSS selector.

Read the Prototype API documentation for $$()

This gives you more power beyond just tag names. You can select by class, parent/child relationships, etc. It supports more CSS selectors than the common browser can be expected to.

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Matthias Kestenholz:

getElementsByTagName returns a NodeList object, which is array-like but is not an array, it's a live list.

var test = document.getElementsByTagName('a');
alert(test.length); // n
alert(test.length); // n + 1
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You could also use $$(tag-name)[n] to get specific element from the collection.

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If you use getElementsByTagName, you'll need to wrap it in $A() to return an Array. However, you can simply do $$('a') as nertzy suggested.

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