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I'm new to WCF. I created a data service which is hosted in an empty application.

It seems that the service doesn't serialize EntitySets that derived from other EntitySets. It returns the base EntitySets correctly but doesn't know the derived EntitySets at all.

I'm using EF Code First and am passing the ObjectContext as generic parameter of DataService class(as described here)

And my entities look like the following :

public class People : DomainEntityBase
    public long ID{get; set;}

public class Employee : Person
    public string PersonelCode{ get; set;}

    public virtual ObservableCollection<OrgPost> OrgPosts { get; set; }

When I test the context in my web browser, it shows PersonSet but doesn't show the EmployeeSet.

Am I doing this right?

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Please see this article. Looks like the scenario you are trying with Code First isn't supported.

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