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What would you call a class that is never intended to be instantiated in C#?

For example, I put all my class files in a folder called Objects, however, now I want a class that just contains static methods that controls the use of other Objects, but will never be instantiated itself, and I don't know where to put it in my file structure or what to call it!

Thanks a lot!

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You can call that Static class. you can put it in a helper folder and call it either XxxUtil or XxxHelper.

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Typically I suffix such types with the name Utils.

public static class ObjectUtils {
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As DarthVader suggested, XXXUtil and XXXHelper are good names. If the static class contains extension methods, then I call it XxxExtension.

public static class StringExtension

    public static double ToDouble(this string myString)
         return double.Parse(myString);

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