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I am trying to map the flow of function calls in android - how the control flows when an API is called by the app. My first case study is location service.

While debugging, the control never reaches to LocalationManagerService.java

  • My LocationDemo app calls (LocationManager)requestLocationUpdates
  • It can be traced to LocationManager.java which in turn calls requestLocationUpdates defined in ILocationManager (aidl file)
  • ILocationManager is implemented in LocationManagerService.java.
    But Eclipse complains that ILocationManager$Stub$Proxy.requestLocationUpdates(...) source not found

Is it possible to link LocationManager <-> ILocationManager <-> LocationManagerService?
If not how can I debug the code in LocationManagerService?

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My guess is LocationManagerService is one of the framework services that runs inside system_server application. To step through its code, please check Debugging Android Framework services.

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