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I have developed my first Android app and I'm thinking about sending it to my friends who owns Android phones (I am using Nokia 5230 :p)

I have made the release version of the app using the Export wizard of Eclipse.

In my app, during startup, it would get some settings via SharedPreferences - (MODE_Private). And these settings are overwritten when user presses a button(later on, with the user entered settings).

So, my question is, when I send this release version of my app, would it contain the settings that I have presently stored ? At the moment, I don't need the settings (that I saved while testing in my AVD) to be included in the release apk file.

  • If included by default(while creating the release version), how do I detach it. I mean what to do so that it won't be included.

  • If it is not included by default, I would also like to know how to include it with the release version, say for my future reference (I mean, I might need this approach in my next app)

The settings are obtained like this way:

SharedPreferences settings =  
        getSharedPreferences("myABCapp", MODE_PRIVATE);
String strUser = settings.getString("username", "");

Settings are overwritten(saved at runtime) by user in this way:

SharedPreferences settings =  
        getSharedPreferences("myABCapp", MODE_PRIVATE);  

SharedPreferences.Editor prefEditor = settings.edit();
prefEditor.putString("username", strNewUsername);


Thanks in advance :)

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You have to detect first launch and create your initial settings in SharedPrefs, from within your app.

You can replicate what a new user will see by Settings/Applications/Manage Applications//Clear Data ... and then launch your app


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Thanks. But I didn't got the part of clearing the settings, that you mentioned above. I just gone through the whole sets of menus and configurations to find out what you mentioned there. After several minutes, I found that you were talking about the Settings in my AVD. I have gone till Settings/Applications/Manage Applications. After that it displays list of apps installed in my AVD. So I clicked on my app, and it showed Uninstall and Force Stop buttons enabled. But there is Clear Cache and Clear Defaults buttons which are disabled. So, what to do ? –  Akhilesh B Chandran Apr 14 '12 at 18:36
Any updates.. ? –  Akhilesh B Chandran Apr 17 '12 at 5:01

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