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What is empty string in D programing language?

String is array of characters ( )
Probably: alias immutable(char)[] string

Based on that empty string should be an empty array. But then, what kind of thing the empty array is?

Any ideas?

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any (non-static) array is essentially a struct with a pointer to the start of the memory block the array is contained in and a length

an empty array just has length==0

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An empty string is an empty array. It's an empty array of type immutable(char)[]. An empty array is an array with length 0. I don't understand what's hard to understand about that.

Regardless, if you want to understand arrays in D better, then you should read this article. It's one of the things that every D programmer should read and should give you a much better understanding of arrays in D.

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"I don't understand what's hard to understand about that." After 'ratchet freak' answer its was really simple to understand. (array=struct{pointer;length}) At first I thought (incorrectly) that array is only pointer to allocated memory block, so empty array of size 2 would be pointer to memory block of size 2, and size 0 array would be pointer to memory block of size 0. But memory block this was kind of nonsense (thought maybe NULL pointer or pointer pointing to some special memory address is said to be empty..) Thanks for the link – dnsmkl Apr 15 '12 at 8:13

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