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Here's the example: http://jsbin.com/ovupuq/3

      var cursor = $("<span>_</span>").appendTo("p"),
          blik = function(){

The problem is that the "Hello World!" text bumps everytime the cursor is toggled. This happens only in firefox 11, chrome and IE8 work as expected.

Another thing I notice is that if I have this running for a couple minutes the 500ms interval I set seems to change into some random values, which makes the cursor blink faster. This happens only in chrome.

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  • Just remove 200 from toggle
  • You have already defined your cursor element using $() so just use: cursor

var cursor = $("<span>_</span>").appendTo("p"),
    blik = function(){ cursor.toggle(); };

(In your code: while the toggle was rinning at 200, your Interval '500' at some time was messing with the toggle function creating event bubblings)

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