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to maintain picture uploads in our current project, i decided to use the ImaginePlugin for CakePHP from https://github.com/CakeDC/Imagine

For me everything worked fine, so i comitted the code to our SVN and my fellow-worker updated it to test it.

But he's now getting everywhere "class not found" errors like this one

Class 'Imagine\Gd\Imagine' not found in ...

I'm working on a Windows Machine, he's working on a Mac. anyone experienced that before too? is there a problem with the directory seperators? is the plugin only working for windows machines?

or are we doing some mistakes?

thanks for help


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A simple

$name = str_replace("\\", '/', $name);

in the autoloader fixed the problem.

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Or it could be something simpler =) –  Abba Bryant Apr 15 '12 at 21:51

Did you include the CakeDC/Imagine source in your repo? Perhaps it is installed as a submodule? If it isn't in your repo he needs to get it. If it is a submodule perhaps he needs to pull the submodule.

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