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I have this function:

data Memory = Memory
perceiveAndAct :: SVal -> [Cardinal] -> a -> (Action, a)
perceiveAndAct s cs m
  | elem W cs == True && elem N cs == True && elem E cs == True && elem S cs == False = (Just S, Memory (visited m) (dfsstack m) (currentPoz m))

putting m instead of Memory (visited m) (dfsstack m) (currentPoz m) works fine, else it gives me that:

Couldn't match expected type `(a, b)'
           against inferred type `Memory -> Point'
    In the first argument of `fst', namely `currentPoz'
    In the first argument of `($)', namely `fst currentPoz'
    In the expression: fst currentPoz $ currentPoz m

What could be the problem?

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Where is the fst currentPoz $ currentPoz m the error message is referring to? – hammar Apr 14 '12 at 18:52
Btw, everywhere you have blah == True, you can simplify that to just blah (e.g. simplify elem W cs == True to elem W cs). Similarly, you can simplify elem S cs == False to notElem S cs. – dave4420 Apr 14 '12 at 20:26

visited, dfsstack, and currentPoz are functions, and they don't construct lists.

You want to write Memory [m] [m] m, instead.

visited, dfsstack, and currentPoz are functions which, given someData :: Memory, can extract each of these elements.

You'll also need to change the type of perceiveAndAct's argument "m" from :: a to :: Point

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The type you gave perceiveAndAct is very polymorphic. Compare:

id :: a -> a
id m = m -- the only correct implementation
id m = Memory (visited m) (dfsstack m) (currentPoz m) -- type error
-- only works for Memory, not all possible a

idMemory :: Memory -> Memory
id m = m -- this is fine
id m = Memory (visited m) (dfsstack m) (currentPoz m) -- also correct

However, I'm a little confused, since the type error you pasted does not match the type error I get when I make the change you claimed you made. Perhaps you'd better paste the exact code you use that gives an error together with the exact error you got, rather than the correct code and the error for some invisible code we can't see.

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