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I am making a project named TruckingCompany, there is a package name truckingCompany, and three sub-packages: utilities, means and objects. Now I have put the class containing the main method into the utilities sub-package. Is this correct? Should I put it into the truckingCompany package ( in no sub-package)? So the generic question is: if there is a package, and some sub-package, and the main method uses classes from all sub-packages, is correct to put the class containing it in a sub-package?

PS: Let me know if the question is not clear.

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regarding Code Style or functionality? –  Simiil Apr 14 '12 at 20:14

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As a baseline, from what I've seen so far a good practice is to put the class containing the main method at the top-level package.

In your case, I'd put your class under the package truckingCompany and not in a sub-package.

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Yeah, you can just put it in truckingCompany. After all, it is your application's entry point.

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You should put in truckingCompany but it will work doesn't matter where ever you put it

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It is absolutely irrelevant where you put your class. More specifically, a package has no special relation to its subpackages. The packages are basically a flat namespace of package names. I would also like to add that there are some conventions to be followed with package names:

  1. You are supposed to use all lowercase letters;
  2. the package name should be derived from an internet domain name that you own: com.truckingcompany.stuff.morestuff.
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