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I have a templates class for the type of machine in a hospital room:

template <class T_machine>
class hospital_room
    hospital_room(const int room_num); 

With this constructor in the hospital_room.hpp file:

template <class T_machine>
hospital_room<T_machine>::hospital_room(const int room_num)
  m_room_num = room_num;

However, when I try to declare a hospital room, like this

hospital_room<x_rayer>(1) test;

It gives me an error, saying it expected a semicolon after the (1). What have I done wrong?

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There could potentially be several problems here, but for starters, if you're trying to instantiate a hospital_room object with a room_num of 1, you should do:

hospital_room<x_rayer> test(1);

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