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I'm building a simple Java app for an RTS game. The level/map is constructed using a 2D array like so...


oIW[0][i] = x position of object i
oIW[1][i] = y position of object i
oIW[2][i] = size of object i

Each of the objects in the array can be a certain type. For example, some represent buildings, and some represent units/people. Is there a way to find a path between location [x1][y1] and [x2][y2], where the path does not intersect with certain objects in the array (such as a building at [x3][y3])?

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Here's a really good guide on pathfinding. You may find what you want here.

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Thx, I'll look trough it, and get back on you. I think i've seen this one before tho. – JavaApprentis Apr 14 '12 at 22:59

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