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I have some clojurescript that I want to interop with some javascript libraries. In my clojurescript code I do some analysis and come up with a list of maps. something like

[{:prop1 "value1" :prop2 "value2"}, {:prop1 "something else" :prop2 "etc"}...]

I need to pass this to a javascript functions as

[{prop1: "value1", prop2: "value2}, {..} ...]

I'm not sure how to return a javascript object form my clojurescript function though. Is there a way to serialize nested maps and lists to javascript objects. Or a way to create a new javascript object and then set properties on it?

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Just for the sake of people looking for something similar.

The ClojureScript core now contains a clj->js function.

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I found a function here

(defn clj->js
  "Recursively transforms ClojureScript maps into Javascript objects,
   other ClojureScript colls into JavaScript arrays, and ClojureScript
   keywords into JavaScript strings.

   Borrowed and updated from mmcgrana."
    (string? x) x
    (keyword? x) (name x)
    (map? x) (.-strobj (reduce (fn [m [k v]]
               (assoc m (clj->js k) (clj->js v))) {} x))
    (coll? x) (apply array (map clj->js x))
    :else x))

Does exactly what I needed. I'm surprised this isn't included in the clojurescript core like js->cljs is.

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Your map conversion is exploiting an implementation detail of SOME cljs maps. It won't always work. Use this gist instead: gist.github.com/3153856 –  Brian Jul 20 '12 at 23:35
@Brian -- looks like the clj->js in your gist doesn't actually use the map->js in your gist, unless I missed the intent? –  Reb.Cabin Jun 9 at 12:20
@Reb.Cabin You're right, my fault. Fixed. –  Brian Jun 9 at 16:46

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