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I can't test my login... 'cos I can't logout (haven't put the logout button there yet). I was able to test it once but now I am 'stuck' logged in!

How come I can't use

and I get an error No route matches [GET] "/account/sign_out"

but rake routes gives me:

         new_standard_user_session GET    /account/sign_in(.:format)                                      devise/sessions#new
             standard_user_session POST   /account/sign_in(.:format)                                      devise/sessions#create
     destroy_standard_user_session DELETE /account/sign_out(.:format)                                     devise/sessions#destroy    new_standard_user_registration GET    /account/sign_up(.:format)                                      devise/registrations#new

and my /account/sign_in and /account_sign_up url's are ok

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No route matches [GET] "/account/sign_out"

You tried to access that link via a GET method, but your route is DELETE, as you've posted.

destroy_standard_user_session DELETE /account/sign_out(.:format) 

So, to make that work, use the method parameter from link_to (I'm supposing you're creating your link with link_to)

Something like this

link_to "Sign Out", destroy_standard_user_session_path, :method => :delete

Best regards

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Yup, that's it, Added the link with the :delete fixed it. thx. – junky Apr 17 '12 at 16:59

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