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I've add/commented out the following lines to my lighttpd.conf:



cgi.assign = ( "" => "/var/www/myCgiScript" )

That works as expected... my executable mySite will be called on every request, but the problem is, that I can't open images. For instance, if I do the following:


This will call my executable cgi (mySite) - the same for js-files. Is Is there any chance to handle images as usual?

Thx in advance!

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have a look at the documentation for cgi.assign:

the first argument is a file extension, the second argument is the path to a CGI script to run when a file with that extension is requested. Right now, your config file is saying "for any, or no, extension, run '/var/www/myCgiScript'." You need to specify a set of file extensions for which you want the CGI script to run, and let lighty serve up all other files in the normal manner.

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