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I uploaded an app to, but when trying to insert a record from the client, I'm getting the following error:

Messages.insert({name: "lol", text: "hey there"})
POST 404 (Not Found)

The application works fine locally and on my intranet.

Here's the code I have defining Messages (runs on both client and server):

Messages = new Meteor.Collection("messages")


The POST seems to be going through now, but when I inspect the server-side database, the records aren't actually being inserted, only updated on the client. So when I refresh the page, I've lost all the messages that were inserted on the client. What's going on?

Edit 2:

Looks like this is only a problem for [app], because I pushed my code to a Heroku app and it works fine.

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Do you mean you see this POST error on the web developer console? This probably means your server restarted for some reason, and your client had to reconnect. This is not necessarily a problem, reconnections to a new server are rare, but do happen.

However, it might mean there is an error in the server code and your application is crashing. Check your logs with 'meteor logs [app]' to inspect for problems.

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Works for me :), beat me to doing a chat app. – jonathanKingston Apr 15 '12 at 0:04
Thanks. I'm facing a different issue now, and I editing the question. – Chetan Apr 15 '12 at 1:33
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Looks like it was an [app] problem. Deleting and redeploying the app worked fine.

$ meteor deploy --delete [app]
$ meteor deploy
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