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I use cygwin from my Windows command line, I've always done everything quite happily except being able to run something in the background (i.e. putting & at the end of a command).

Just to give you more context, I want to be able to start a Mercurial web server and still be able to keep using the command line window and even closing it without killing the server. For example:

>hg serve &
listening at http://localhost:8000/ (bound to *:8000)
>echo "Still able to do this"

Any workarounds to this?

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Found the solution:

start <command> /B

start is a windows command, do a help start for more info

Alternatively and for my case

hg serve --daemon


hg serve -d

will do the trick

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For me, start is not accessible from cygwin; cygstart works though. –  Josh P Aug 8 '13 at 18:51
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'start' is an internal command of cmd.exe

You would have to use

cmd /c start COMMAND

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This is a useful comment to the previous answer, but has no value as a standalone answer. –  rob Jan 10 at 11:41
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