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I had 0.71 pandas before today. I tried to update and I simply ran the .exe file supplied by the website.

now I tried " import pandas" but then it gives me an error

ImportError: C extensions not built: if you installed already verify that you are not importing from the source directory.

I am new to python and pandas in general. Anything will help.


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+1 for Confusion Pandas. – Apr 15 '12 at 0:41
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Are you by chance doing import pandas inside a directory containing the source code from PyPI or GitHub? Alternately, you may be missing a dependency that was not checked for in 0.7.1. If you are not importing from a source directory, could you please edit the pandas/ file (in C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages) to have a print statement after the import of pandas._tseries and show me what it says:

    import pandas._tseries as lib
except Exception, e:  # pragma: no cover

    print e # <-- ADD THIS LINE

    if 'No module named' in str(e):
        raise ImportError('C extensions not built: if you installed already '
                          'verify that you are not importing from the source '

If you could move this to the issue tracker that would be preferred. Thanks!

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Had the same issue. Resolved by checking dependencies - make sure you have numpy > 1.6.1 and python-dateutil > 1.5 installed.

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I had the same error. I did not build pandas myself so i thought i should not get this error as mentioned on the pandas site. So i was confused on how to resolved this error. The pandas site says that matplotlib is an optional depenedency so i didn't install it initially. But interestingly, after installing matplotlib the error disappeared. I am not sure what effect it had. it found something!

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