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import EternalDungeon
import System.Collections

static def PlayerActivate():
    for x in range(ED.Mobs.Count):
        if ED.Mobs(x).Pos == ED.player.SpaceInFront():

When this is compiled, I get the error

BCE0077: It's not possible to invoke an expression of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List'1[[EternalDungeon.Mob, Eternal Dungeon, Version=, Culture=Neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]]

At (6,15) and (7,16). In C# I include assemblies like so, which is probably wrong and wierd:

        compiler.Parameters.References.Add(Assembly.LoadFile(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + @"\Eternal Dungeon.exe";));

Any help is appreciated, and I'm rather new to both Boo and 'Assemblies'. Thanks in advance.

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Solved the problem myself, I confused lists for arrays,

    if ED.Mobs(x).Pos == ED.player.SpaceInFront():

Changes to

    if ED.Mobs[x].Pos == ED.player.SpaceInFront():
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