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I've been trying to search online for a definitive answer on this but haven't found anything.

Does jQuery's innerWidth() work in IE 9? In my code, using innerWidth() breaks the js so the html displays with its original css. If I replace all the 'innerWidth()' with 'width()' then the code displays, though it's not correct due to the extra padding.

I was under the impression jQuery's innerWidth() would work on ie9 (I've read elsewhere on stackoverflow of people even using it on ie8. Can someone confirm for me that jQuery() innerWidth() does not work on IE 8 or 9? Thanks.

  // type 3: 2 columns of floated elements, pairs are equal heights
  // and last elmeent stretches to full width if an unmatched pair

  $('.links-with-desc.type-3').each( function() {
    $(this).innerWidth( maxWidth );
    $(this).children().each( function(i) {
      $(this).innerWidth( (maxWidth / 2) ).css('float', 'left');
      if(i == 0 || (i + 1) % 4 == 0 || i % 4 == 0) {
        $(this).css('background', '#161616').css('color', '#ddccdd');
        $(this).find('a').css('color', '#ffeeaa');
      if((i - 1) % 3 == 0)
        $(this).css('background', '#ffeeaa');
      if(i % 2 != 0) { // odd number
        if($(this).prev().height() < $(this).height())
          $(this).prev().height( $(this).height() );
        else if($(this).prev().height() > $(this).height())
          $(this).height( $(this).prev().height() );
      else { // even number (remember index starts with 0!)
          $(this).innerWidth( maxWidth );
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What version of jQuery? There have been some recent bugfixes regarding innerWidth and IE, if I recall. –  Domenic Apr 15 '12 at 2:26
Hm, I should have checked that. I'm currently on a vanilla install of drupal 7 which uses a pretty old version--jquery 1.4.4. –  cali-spc Apr 15 '12 at 2:31
IE9 is packed with developer tools. Press F12, start debugging, refresh the page and analyze the code / check any debugger info. –  Ozzy Apr 15 '12 at 2:38
Thank you Ozzy. It has been a while since I've done anything with IE, certainly not this version, so I was unaware. :) –  cali-spc Apr 15 '12 at 2:43

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